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Set sail towards your future with MDIScovery Day 2024! Join us as we unveil a world of opportunities tailored to your aspirations. Explore a diverse array of preparatory and diploma courses, alongside globally recognised degree and master’s programmes, all designed to empower your journey towards success in today’s dynamic landscape.

Experience the excitement of MDIScovery Day 2024 through interactive talks led by our esteemed students and engage with insightful discussions to guide your path forward.

Chart your course towards greatness and immerse yourself in the thrill of our virtual open house from 18 to 26 May 2024. Partake in our interactive games where you will be able to collect points daily to stand a chance in winning exclusive sure-win prizes! That’s not all – join us to participate in our lucky draws and receive course rebates!


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About MDIS

Founded in 1956, the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) is one of Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit professional institutes for lifelong learning. MDIS has two main subsidiaries: Management Development Institute of Singapore Pte Ltd which oversees its Singapore academic operations, and MDIS International Pte Ltd which focuses on MDIS’ globalisation strategy. MDIS offers internationally accredited courses in Business and Management, Engineering, Fashion and Design, Health and Nursing, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Languages and Education, Life Sciences, Media and Communications, Psychology, Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Safety and Environmental Management. These programmes are offered in collaboration with renowned universities in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. MDIS also has set a proven track record of preparing students to excel in the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary and Advanced Level), Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and Cambridge International Lower Secondary, through its comprehensive preparatory courses.​


MDIS Business School (MBS) stands as the premier institution within the Management Development Institute of Singapore, offering a comprehensive and industry-focused education. With a diverse array of programmes ranging from International Foundation Diplomas to Doctorate Degrees, accredited by esteemed UK and US partners such as Bangor University, Edinburgh Napier University, University of Central Oklahoma, University of Sunderland and Teesside University, MBS ensures that students receive a robust understanding of business, accounting, banking, finance, marketing and international business. Led by a team of seasoned professionals, MBS supplements academic rigour with practical experiences including seminars, industry talks, company visits and networking opportunities, providing students with a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business landscape.

MDIS School of Health and Nursing (SHN) caters to the evolving demands of healthcare by offering the Bachelor of Science Nursing (Top-up) post-registration degree, in collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University, UK. Recognising the crucial role of practical training, SHN provides students with access to state-of-the-art Simulation and Clinical Skills lab, ensuring competency in critical areas such as communication, problem-solving, leadership and decision-making while prioritising patient safety.

MDIS School of Engineering (SOE) prepares graduates for the challenges of Industry 4.0 through programmes in Robotics Technology, Electrical and Electronic and Mechanical engineering, delivered in partnership with Teesside University, UK. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities including Smart Factory systems and industrial-grade equipment, SOE fosters a conducive environment for hands-on learning and innovation, empowering students for rewarding careers in various engineering disciplines.

MDIS School of Life Sciences offers rigorous programmes in biomedical and health sciences, in collaboration with Teesside University, UK, preparing graduates for diverse career opportunities in research, clinical laboratories and burgeoning biomedical industries. With a focus on practical experience and transferable skills, graduates are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the field and contribute to its advancements.

In line with the dynamic fashion industry, the MDIS School of Fashion & Design offers specialised degree programmes in fashion design, marketing, and communication. Through a blend of coursework, studio practice and real-world collaborations, students are nurtured to become competitive talents in the industry, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in diverse roles.

The MDIS School of Tourism and Hospitality partners with the University of Sunderland, UK to offer specialised programmes in tourism, hospitality and events management. With the establishment of Tropical Breeze, a dedicated hospitality training centre, students gain practical experience in front office, service and hospitality operations, ensuring readiness for the fast-paced tourism and hospitality industry.

Psychology, recognised as a vital discipline in understanding human behavior, is offered through the MDIS School of Psychology. With a comprehensive curriculum covering various branches of psychology, students benefit from collaborative learning and practical applications, facilitated by award-winning faculty and well-equipped facilities.

The MDIS School of Technology provides a holistic education in Information Technology, from International Foundation Diploma to Master's Degree programmes, awarded by Teesside University, UK. Specialisations in Cybersecurity, Data Science and Cloud Computing ensure graduates are well-prepared for the evolving digital landscape, with practical skills highly sought after by employers.

The MDIS School of Safety and Environmental Management addresses the growing demand for safety professionals through programmes accredited by Leeds Beckett University, UK. Recognised by the Ministry of Manpower and Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge to contribute to Singapore's Workplace Safety and Health Vision.

The MDIS School of Media and Communications offers industry-focused mass communications programmes, in collaboration with Teesside University and the University of Sunderland from UK. With access to fully equipped studios and practical experiences, students are prepared for roles in broadcasting, content production and journalism, ensuring that they are ready to excel in the dynamic media landscape.

The School of Languages & Education (SLE), established in 1996, is dedicated to preparing students for university studies by fostering academic, social and personal development in a nurturing environment. Embracing diversity, SLE promotes qualities such as leadership, integrity and excellence in teaching. SLE's Professional Certificate in English course, designed by experienced and passionate lecturers, emphasises communicative competence through engaging activities. With a focus on consistency and practice, SLE equips students with the language skills necessary to thrive in an English-medium learning environment. Emphasising on learning experience, environment and outcomes, SLE continues to empower students to confidently navigate their academic journey.

MDIS College offers a comprehensive array of preparatory courses, including the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary and Advanced Level), Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS), Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the Cambridge International Lower Secondary. Since its establishment in 2006, MDIS College has consistently prepared students for academic excellence, laying a strong foundation for their tertiary education journey in Singapore. At MDIS, we are committed to inspiring students to achieve their full potential, fostering a nurturing environment that prioritises both academic performance and overall well-being. Our RIPE (Remedial, Inter-disciplinary, Pastoral Care, Enrichment) programme provides comprehensive support to students, including supervised self-study sessions aimed at enhancing learning outcomes. With a team of highly qualified teachers and dedicated administrative staff, MDIS ensures students benefit from a caring, conducive and engaging learning environment. In 2018, MDIS attained the status of a Cambridge International School, introducing new preparatory courses for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and Cambridge International Advanced Level. By offering internationally recognised Cambridge qualifications, our students gain access to higher education opportunities worldwide. MDIS College is committed to providing a holistic learning experience through robust academic programmes and pastoral care initiatives, empowering students for success in their academic and personal pursuits.

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